Funnel Cake Batter
Funnel Cake
   Funnel Cake Batter | Cake Batter

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Easy Funnel Cake Making

The funnel cake is an Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch dessert. It started as a regional dish of Amish communities in western Pennsylvania and Ohio. They often cooked these cakes for harvest festivals, German holidays and other special occasion. Nowadays, it has become a staple in carnivals, state fairs and other outdoor events with concession stands. It has also become a popular fund-raising activity in various charitable events and non-profit organization events.
The funnel cake batter can be purchased in bulk in specialty stores. You can also purchase shortening, funnel-shaped dispensers and fryers in these stores. Specialty stores also offer franchises of funnel cake concession stands. With the franchise, they will provide start-up equipment and specialized batter mixes. Franchising a funnel cake concession stand is fast becoming a good secondary income option because of the low cost of the specialized batter, the shortening and other necessary equipment for the stand. You will be able to earn quick profit after only a few sales.

The basic ingredients of a traditional Amish Funnel Cake include beaten eggs, milk, sugar, sifter flour, baking powder and salt. This is quite similar to pancake batter. However, funnel cake batter should be more "runny" in order for it to easily pass through the funnel. Funnel cake batter has donut-like texture and consistency. According to some, though, eating funnel cake is a messier experience than eating donuts. Compared to elephant ears or fried dough, the funnel cake batter does not contain a raising agent such as yeast. Funnel cake batters are also cooked at a higher temperature, about 375 to 400 degrees. The cooked batter, therefore, comes out slightly crispier than elephant ears or fried dough.

As the name of the cake implies, the batter is passed through a simple funnel or a specialized funnel cake pitcher (the opening of which is about inch in diameter) onto hot oil. As the batter funnels into the oil, it is crisscrossed (using circular or lattice-shaped motions) over a 6-8 inch circular diameter to form a lattice. Some homemade funnel cakes, however, are made using whatever patterns you prefer. You can make designs such as lattice works, swirls, spirals or geometric patterns as long as the ending cake shape is round. Rounded mold rings (or lift-off ring molds) are available in specialty stores for this purpose and if you prefer a perfectly round funnel cake for your homemade dessert. For homemade funnel cakes, you may, however, just opt to fry the batter in a small frying pan where the small diameter of the pan will dictate the size of your cake.
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